What is a Lifegroup?

Lifegroups are groups of 12-14 people that meet together (on Campus or in a home) one time a week for Bible study, prayer, and friendship.  Lifegroups exist to help people get connected and take the next step in their spiritual journey.

All Life Groups are currently going through "The Journey."


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Life Groups                                                   


9:00 AM

Room                      Teacher                     Email                    Ages

A-3                          Betsy Magill                                       Ladies Multi Generational

A-2                          Debbie Merz                                      Ladies Multi Generationa

A-1                          Randy Hughes                                  Men Multi Generational

A-7                          Paul Goetz                                         Coed Multi Generational

A-6                          Randal Dortch                                   Coed Seniors

A-5                          Andy Jones                                       Coed Multi Generational

10:30 AM

A-7                         Keith Whaley                                      Coed Multi Generational

A-2                         Scott Gatian                                       Coed Multi Generational

A-5                         Lenie Holbrook                                   Coed Multi Generational

                                                        Thursday at 7 PM.

A-5                            Pastor Chris Mazak                                         Thrive for young adults 18-35



Grades 6-12    

Are in the worship service at 9:00 AM

Bibles Study Classes are in the classrooms by the gym at 10:30 AM

Children Grades K-5      

9:00 AM in the Kid’s hallway

Children’s Church Grades K-5      

Are at 10:30 AM in the Kid’s hallway


9:00 AM in the Kid’s Hallway

Extended Session

10:30 AM in the Kid’s Hallway